Before You Turn Three – Plus Playtex Sippy Cup Review

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We are just a few weeks from when you “turn big” Monroe and before you “turn big” (which is his way of saying he is turing three), I want to take a moment to remember the things you loved when you were two. The time flies by so fast and I’ve written before on how you sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle of life, so I want to make sure I take a moment to reflect on who you are, right now, in this moment, before the moment is long gone.


You love fashion. It sounds crazy I know, but you really do love fashion. I know most kids like to dress themselves, many kids will only wear their favorite Micky Mouse t-shirt or their favorite soft navy shorts and throw a fit if their mom finally has to wash it after 5 days straight. I know that is totally normal, but that isn’t you. You love to dress yourself by raiding your closet and your drawers. You come down stairs with a pile of clothes and ask me to help you put it on. To my surprise, its is usually an amazing combination with layers and accessories. You are always so excited when I come home with a shopping bag full of clothes and you ask me every couple of hours if your new clothes are washed yet. And asking you to help me put laundry away? Forget it, you put everything on before you put it in your drawers, causing more of a mess than any actual progress. Its okay though, I love how much you love your clothes.


The other day we went to a graduation party and every time someone asked you your name, you proudly answered, “Batman!” Someone finally came up to me and asked me your name because you actually had a few people convinced I would really named my son Batman. Yes, you couldn’t be more obsessed with superheroes. You have superhero undies, super hero jammies, super hero t-shirts, and super hero action figures. You have it all. The lasted addition to your super hero collection is your awesome Batman cup that you will not set down, you actually sleep with it.


(Side note for all the mama’s of toddlers reading this. I am almost as obsessed with this Playtext toddler cup as Monroe. I have always been extremely picky about the cups I let me kids use because I know how important it is for their oral development to use a straw and to build the strength in their palate through mastering the sucking motion. For that reason, I have never let me kids use a sippy cup which can lead to tongue thrust. I was actually a little bit hesitant when I was asked to review this cup, but I was so pleasantly surprised to find that they offered this sport spout version with a straw. It also has a spill proof, break proof, and leak proof guarantee. How great is that? Another nice feature of this toddler cup is that it is insulated so that it stays cold 2 times longer than other toddler cups which is so key during the hot summers we experience here in Toronto. I highly recommend this cup for any toddler that is comfortable using a straw.)


Monroe, you love fashion and I love you for that, but it must be hardwired in all boys to love Hot Wheels and you are no exception. You carry your cars around with you everywhere. I can always reach in my purse and pull a tiny car out that you stashed there earlier that day. I can always dig around in my car and find a few Hot Wheels lodged under my seat. You find any thing that will work as a bucket and you fill it up with every car you can find and then you just carry it around with you because you always need to have your cars near by. You are just the best.



I can’t write about you and everything you love without mentioning the one toy that truly holds your heart, Doggy. You didn’t want to name him anything unique, no matter how hard I tried to convince you, you just wanted Doggy. From the moment Santa left him under the tree, he hasn’t left your side. He is your protector in the night and your friend while Carter is at school. When I picture you in my mind, I picture you with Doggy. I am sure your “stuffin friend” is going to be with us for a while and I wouldn’t want it any other way.



Finally Monroe, lets face it, you love me. I have always said that if you could, you would climb right back inside of me. You love daddy of course, you and daddy play hard and rough and you think he is just as cool as your favorite superheroes, but you more than love me. I can feel it when you push your body so hard against me when we are snuggling or when you hold my face with both hands just to give me a kiss. You run to me from across the house if you hear me say “ouch” and if I go to bed upset, you ask me in the morning if I am feeling better. My heart explodes for you Monroe and I am pretty sure you feel the same way about me.


Soon you will be three, but today you are still two, and I am holding on to that as long as I can. I love you Monroe.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.



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