Music Review – Take Me Outside by Jessie Farrell

The other day a man from the cable company came to pick up our no longer needed cable boxes. (They actually haven’t ever been used, but we were given 6 months free when we moved in.) He asked,”is Rogers giving you a hard time?” I replied,”nope, we just don’t need cable.” Then he looked at me confused and said, “then what will your kids do all day?”


What do my kids do all day? Whatever it is, it certainly doesn’t involve cable television and it actually doesn’t involve much screen time at all. I have written in the past about way to keep the T.V. off, so I won’t go over that again, but I do want to take this chance to focus in on a specific activity we love to do. We love to listen to music and dance!


It isn’t always easy to find music that the kids and I both love and since we listen to music basically 12 hours a day, we are constantly trying to add to our playlist. So in our search for good kids music we stumbled upon this very cute kids song album, Take Me Outside. On top of the fact that the cover art couldn’t be cuter, the songs are so sweet and just perfect for the littles. You know what’s even better? I don’t mind listening to it and that is also a huge plus when it comes to kids music.




Jessie Farrell is a crazy talented Canadian singer/songwriter. Her album ranges from get up and dance around with your kiddos to lets just sit and cuddle and relax. The lyrics are cute and catchy. The entire album has a country/folksong vibe. My kids’ favorite part of her album is the kiddos with the adorable voices that help Jessie sing a few of her tracks. I am super excited to help Jessie promote her new album. So, go visit her website and buy a copy of Take Me Outside for yourself. Your kids will love it!



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