Newborn ‘Must Haves’ for the Minimalist Mom

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Of course, when I was pregnant with Carter (my first) I registered for everything under the sun. A swing, a bouncy seat, an excer-saucer, a doorway jumper thing, 45 different kids of blankets, shoes that would never stay on, an infant tub, 3 different sound machines, and the list goes on. I will admit, we used almost all of it a few times, but as time when on and as we had our second baby, I realized that we didn’t actually need most of it. Here is my list of what I decided we actually need when it comes to having a newborn.

Newborn ‘Must Haves’ for the Minimalist Mom

1. Comfy Jammies – Of course it is fun to dress the littles up, especially if you end up with a baby girl, but it isn’t necessary. In the beginning, all they do is blow out of their diapers, spit up after every meal, and grow like weeds. I suggest, go heavy on the jammies that can be washed a million times and hold off on cute and sometimes pricy clothes until they can better control their bodily functions.


2. A good swaddle blanket – Mamas, if you want to sleep, learn to swaddle. It really is magic. There are a million different kind of swaddle blankets and some work better that others depending on the baby, but I really love the muslin swaddle blankets. These blankets are an all-in-one for me. I use them to swaddle, but I always use them as nursing covers, carseat covers, and even spit-up rags. And, because of the material they are made of, they fold up tiny and fit so easily into your already full diaper bag.


3. Baby wearing gear – There are a million different kids of slings, wraps, and baby carriers, so you have to try them out and find the one that works best for you, but I highly recommend baby wearing. Not only is it great for bonding, but it is great for keeping your hands free and keeping the baby happy. Trust me, ditch the constant reliance on a stroller and learn to get comfortable baby wearing, your life will be so much easier.


4. A bumbo seat – This is a must have in our home for sure. From a pretty early age, 2 to 3 months, we start our kids in the bumbo and its awesome. It is a fantastic way for babies to build core strength, especially for the babies that aren’t a fan of tummy time. It is also so convenient for keeping your little one in arms reach while you do other things like dishes or folding laundry. We even used ours at the kitchen table during meal times, so that the baby feels included, and a few times in the shower so that I could actually wash my hair with two hands.


5. A good stroller – I recommending starting out with a good stroller that is going to last. There are so many strollers on the market that expand from a single to a double stroller, and even thought they can be pricey, it is a one time investment that is totally worth it. I personally don’t use my stroller much, because of baby wearing and I also encourage my kids at a young age to walk, so I stuck with a single stroller. If you are like me and a double stroller isn’t for you, I highly recommend the BOB stroller. We are actually able to fit both of our kids on it when needed (one sits on the foot rest and the other in the seat), and after 5 years of use, it still looks brand new. All we have to do for our third is attach a stroller board so our oldest can stand on that when she needs a short break from walking.



So there it is, my list of must haves for the minimalist mom. Of course, you need all of the other basics like diapers, wipes, bottles (or your boobs), etc., but this list will get you through the newborn months without a hitch and with some money left over in your budget.

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