Kids Fashion with Drake General Store

It’s no secret that I love to dress my kids. I spent every day last school year documenting how Carter and I defied the school’s dress code while staying within the guidelines. I was ecstatic to find out that there would be no dress code at her new school, we could finally have some real fun picking out clothes each day. And of course, I was bummed to find out that next year, the new school will actually be implementing a dress code. No more fashion fun. Whomp whomp.

 Well, just because we are restricted on what can be worn to school, doesn’t mean we can have fun on the weekends and all summer long. As we get ready for summer, we are loading up our clothes with a bunch of fun fashion finds and Drake General Store is a great place to find them. You know what is extra awesome about Drake General Store?? They have matching clothes for the whole family! Yes, please. I am all about having our entire family of five all matchy matchy when we all head out together.

Pretty much everything Drake General Store carries is unisex which is a huge plus for me. I love dressing my kids in neutrals because it goes along with my personal style, but also because it makes passing down clothes from kid to kid so much easier. Buying something both my daughter and my son can wear is a win for my cheap side! You can find these looks and many more for the whole family at Have fun shopping!

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