Kids’ Cam – Toronto’s Center Island

The Glaze Brigade spent the second to last official weekend of summer (which is kind of a joke because summer never actually arrived here in the GTA) at Center Island and we loved it! I’m actually a little bummed that we have lived here for 3 years and only just decided to make the trip on the ferry over to the island.

So, as you know, I am usually the one documenting every moment of our outings with my DSLR and then carefully edit each image before I share them with you here on my blog. This time I decided to leave it up to the kids. I pulled out an old, beat up point and shoot that hasn’t been used in years and let the kids shoot away. All of these pictures were taken by Carter and Monroe and they have had no editing done to them.

Flipping through the pictures gave me a good look at what was important to the kiddos. I thought the view of Lake Ontario was amazing, the beautiful pier that stretched out into the water was cool, I loved all of the greenery, the kids playing on the playground, and different water fountains. The kids noticed none of that. They loved the silly copper animals that were sprinkled around the children garden, the broken glass window in the parking garage, and taking pictures while they were running.

I think I loved the island so much because there was something for all of us there. Sunshine, lake front, decent food, and plenty of exploring for me and Rusty. Cheesy statues, play structures, and space to run for the kids.

We are a family that feels alive through adventure. We never shy away from something new or something exciting. You can almost always catch us packing our bags for our next trip out of town. I am excited to start seeing what those adventures look like through the eyes of our kiddos.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.


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