Halloween Wrap up 2015

I know halloween was a while ago, but I realized the other night that I never shared our halloween pictures, so here they are.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, you will now, I am a stress case 95% of the time. I don’t know if it’s because I am the family event planner in our house or if it’s because I am a realist (others might say I am a pessimist, but I disagree) and I expect things to go wrong, but either way, I am always on red alert on holidays and special occasions.



This year, I was stressed because Ontario doesn’t have official “trick or treat” hours. What?! How am I supposed to plan with no frame work to plan around?! Back in Illinois (where I grew up) or in California (where we moved from), your town always announces its official hours and they are usually 4 to 8pm or something in that range. Nope, not here in our new town. So, because I had no idea what time trick or treating would start, I did what every sane mom would do… I glued myself to the window and stalked the neighbors to see when they were going to start.


Around 3:30pm, I started getting the kids dressed thinking it was about time to go. At 4:30, we still hadn’t gotten a single door bell ring. At 5:00, I started getting really crazy, I thought for sure we missed the whole thing or maybe no kids were going to trick or treat. I made Rusty load up the kids in the car and drive around our neighborhood to try and spot some children, but there was nothing! At 5:30 we finally asked a random person watering his grass and he said his kids were about to start. So for my sanity, we decided we should just lead the way and get the fun started.


I think we were the very first trick or treaters for about the first 2 blocks, but after that, things started getting busy and it was about that time that I realized I spent the day panicking for no real reason. I always realize I panic for no reason, but it doesn’t stop me from going through the cycle again the next time.



At the end of the night we had way too much candy, we had way too much fun, and the kids were allowed to dig in and eat as much as they wanted. We actually said the words, “eat as much as you want!” Carter picked a lollipop which took her almost a half hour to eat so she didn’t get much eating done. Monroe took one bite of about 20 different candies and then asked for an apple. Yes, he asked us for an apple.



This was our first Halloween in Canada and our last, first experience with a holiday here in Canada. We have now officially experience every major and Canadian holiday here in our new home. Oh yeah, and, we learned that Canadians hand out potato chips on Halloween. I think we got as many bags of chips as we did candy.


In the end, we had a pretty perfect Halloween. The kids couldn’t have looked cuter, we made out like bandits in the candy department and we learned about the Canadian tradition of handing out potato chips. I’d call that a successful holiday.


Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.



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