Gift Ideas for Moms That Make Life Easier For Her

Its that time again, its almost my birthday and then Christmas is just around the corner and I know that my family will soon be asking me what gifts I want. If you know me, it is well known that “gifts” rank pretty low as far as my love languages go, so it is always hard for me to think of something I want. On the other hand, “acts of service” ranks very high, so I thought, “I am going to come up with a list of gift ideas that fit my ‘acts of service’ need.” So, here are my best ideas for gifts that will help make a mom’s life easier and an easier life is defiantly the best gift anyone could give.


Gift Guide for Moms

  1. Grocery Delivery Service – You would have to do some research and look for a grocery store or online service in your area, but the option is out there and I know I would love a few prepaid days of delivered groceries. I think all moms would love the opportunity to skip the regular trip to the grocery store with the little monsters begging for everything with bright colors. This would be best for moms with littles, but it can also work for moms that continue to keep their kitchen stocked for regular family dinners.
  2. Pre-prepped Meal Service – Okay, this is along the same lines with the food theme but this would help moms skip the whole meal planning all together. Services like Blue Apron or HelloFresh provide you with prepped and packaged, fresh meals that are ready to be dropped in a pan or a baking dish, cooked, and served within minutes. I would definitely love a gift card or a prepaid credit to a place like this. That would be like gifting me more space in my brain since I won’t have to be thinking about meals.
  3. House Keeping Service – If you know a mom that is like me, that loathes cleaning, this would be right up her ally. Surprise the mom in your life with a fresh, clean house, that she didn’t have to clean herself, by booking a one time cleaning service on her behalf.
  4. Mobile Car Detailing – We all know how of control a moms car can get. From crumbled up granola bars smashed on the floor to stale french fries lost under my seat, my car can easily become a real eye sore. Did you know that someone will come to your house and clean it all out for you? They can take it from disaster to brand new again, while you binge on Netflix, or if you aren’t me, do something more productive with your extra time. Hire a mobile car detailing service for a mom that you know and she will think of you every time she smells her fresh clean car.
  5. In Home Massage – Let’s face it, moms like to get out and have some “me time” but it doesn’t always fit in our hectic schedules. I recently had an “in home” massage and it was awesome because all I needed was exactly 1 hour, I didn’t waste any time trying to find parking when I got there or sitting in traffic on the way home. The massage therapist showed up with all of her supplies, set up right in my living room, and gave me an amazing and relaxing massage, right in the comfort of my own home and just 1 hour later, I was backing to making dinner and folding laundry, but with a much better attitude. If you live in Toronto, Vancouver, or Calgary, click here to book a massage. If you don’t, I am sure you can easily find a company that services your area.

Just a little bit more about the service I used… I used Revive Massage which services the GTA as well as Vancouver and Calgary. This service is so easy to use because of their self explanatory app. You select the time you want, and they have a wide range of available times in case you are an early riser or a night owl. You select the type of massage you want, options include deep tissue and swedish, but they also offer special messages for seniors and for expectant mothers. Then finally, you use the app to pay ahead of time for your scheduled service. Its that easy. The massage therapist showed up on time and prepared, she was extremely professional, and I was completely comfortable inviting her into my home. I so highly recommend you check out Revive, if you are in their service area, that I have teamed up with them to offer my readers a discount code. Just use GLAZE25 at checkout to receive 25 dollars off your next massage. Code expires August 31st.


I hope you find this gift guide helpful. I am sure I am not alone when I say a gift of service is something that will not be easily forgotten. I always appreciate anything that helps make motherhood a little bit easier.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.



Jessica is a follower of Jesus, a wife, and a mommy. A family life expert who writes about her personal life, parenting adventures, and everything in-between.


  1. These are all such great ideas Jessica. I would love any of them. Thanks for the great ideas to tell my family.

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