Five Trendiest Baby Accessories

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If you know me, have read my blog, follow me on Instagram, or especially if you have been to my home, you know that I lean towards minimalism. Its not because I watched that popular Nextflix documentary and its not something that I just started to participate in because its trendy, its simply because I am cheap. I am one of the cheapest people you will ever meet in your life. Pretty much, if it isn’t essential to life, it isn’t important enough to spend money on. Yes, I am cheap, and I guess, a little crazy too.

So, although I am crazy cheap and my home is filled with 90% essentials, I do sometimes indulge and 95% of the indulging I do is, you guessed it, for my kids. I have defiantly indulged on their toy room and toy collection, although, most of the toys they have are gifts. I also indulge at H&M regularly, because I just love to dress them. And of course, it is so hard not to indulge just a little on this baby rolling around in my belly. I don’t know why baby stuff is just so cute and so hard to pass up, even with my iron will of cheapness. So here it is, my favorite trendy baby accessories that even the cheapest mom will want to buy.


Five Trendiest Baby Accessories

1. Finn and Emma Play Gym – If you are on Instagram, you have seen this cute little play gym. It is so much better than the cheap plastic ones sold at every big box store because it is made of wood and won’t be an eye sore in your living room. The toys that hang from the gym are either knit or wooden and very good quality. The best part is that Finn and Emma offer so many different color and theme options so you can defiantly find one to match your nursery. You can pick up this really cute play gym for your little one at



2. Milestone Baby Cards – This is perfect if you are like me and you can never ever keep up with a baby book. Milestone baby cards are basically a deck of flash cards to mention a milestone your baby will eventually hit and when he or she does, you take a picture of your little one holding the flashcard of that milestone. This, my friends, is genius and soooo much easier than keeping up with a baby book. You can get yourself a deck of Milestone Baby Cards from




3. Binxy Baby Shopping Hammock – This is a perfect item for mama’s who have their hands full, but still have to get shiz done. I am a big advocate for baby wearing and that is what I usually do in the grocery store, but lets be honest, somedays our backs just aren’t feeling it and this is a fantastic back-up plan when you are stuck pushing around a grocery cart. The Binxy Baby shopping hammock allows you to put larger kids in the front of the shopping cart and safely lay your infant in the hammock at the back of the shopping cart and still have room for all of your groceries. You can find your own Binxy Baby Shopping Hammock at



4. Lorena Canals Washable Rugs – A washable rug is a game changer in our house. Lets face it, carpets and rugs rarely stay clean in our house. Its either markers and crayons, dirty shoes, or the dreaded potty accident, it doesn’t matter, something is always bound to leave a stain on our carpets. Now we have an amazing rug in our nursery that is soft, stylish, and washable. Thank you Lorena Canals for making this mama’s life just that much easier. You can shop for your own rug at



5. Doc-a-Tot – Speaking of making a mama’s life easier, this item right here is my favorite for doing just that, making life easier. This little bed can be carried around with you to every room in the house, so that no matter where you are, the baby has a comfy place to rest. It has enough padding that the baby can comfortably sleep on the floor, but it also has a special, extra safe, fabric that makes this the perfect item for co-sleeping with your infant. To learn more about how amazing the Doc-a-Tot is and to get your own, visit



So there it is, my list of the trendiest baby accessories that even the most frugal mama will want to go out and buy today.


Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.



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