Fighting off Night Terrors with a Homeopathic Option

Let me be really honest for a second, sometimes you have kids that are amazing and really well behaved, and sometimes you have kids that are so tired of being stuck inside after a long cold winter that they turn into mischievous monsters. I received a box full of this great, homeopathic medicine for kids and babies from Boiron and before I could get pictures taken, this kid decided he should rip the box to shreds. Oh well, the look of the box doesn’t change the goodness inside.

I’ve always done my best to chose the most natural path for my kids when it come to their bodies, their skin, what they eat, and how we approach health care. Yes, they are treated with doughnuts and ice cream every now and then, but the also get a full serving of vegetables daily. Its really about balance, isn’t it?

Since moving to Canada, I have been introduced to Boiron Canada the Canadian based, homeopathic medicine brand,  and I have grown to really trust and love their products. And, now that we have Eli, I am anxious to try out their life of infant homeopathic options of common ailments like colic, teething, and trouble sleeping.

One of my favorite things about the Boiron Baby line is that the medicines are free of sugar, dyes, and preservatives. That is always really important to me when I am deciding what to put in my child’s body.

In the past, I have shared a little bit about Monroe’s struggle with night terrors. Although, we have done our research and we take precautions to fend off the night terrors, they still happen every now and then. For the occasions that we still struggle with restless nights and night terrors, we have turned to quietude and it has been such a difference in Monroe’s sleep. It is so nice to have a trusted homeopathic medicine to turn to in the middle of the night, when all we all want is a good night sleep.

If you are looking for a natural alternative for common childhood aliments like colic, teething, or trouble sleeping, I highly recommend you check out Boiron Canada products.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.


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  1. We have used Camilia since Elia and could only get it at our local health food store! It has been a sanity keeper for sure for Elia and Lincoln. I highly recommend these!!!!!

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