Eli’s Newborn Pictures and a Few Thoughts on Life With Three

The number one thing people ask me these days is… How is the transition from two to three? So for everyone wondering, here is my honest answer. It has been amazing!

I’m not exactly sure what it is, it might be because I have already built and reinforced my parenting style with the first two, it might be because I have let go of the stress of striving for perfection, it might be because the other two are old enough to kind of help out, I’m really not sure. What I am sure of though is that this transition from two to three has been a million times easier than the transition from one to two.

I actually have spent nights crying to my husband that I cannot remember much of Monroe’s first year. I can still remember all of the tiny details of Carter’s first year, but for some reason its like Monroe’s first year doesn’t exist in my memory. I think I was much more overwhelmed than I thought I was or something. I’m not sure. I know I felt very stressed out trying to manage two under two years old, trying to potty train Carter, trying to get Monroe to gain weight, moving to a new house, and then planning our move to Canada. I can clearly remember the moment Monroe took his first steps (my little brothers were playing basketball on a Little Tikes basketball hoop and thirteen month old Monroe wanted to join them) and it seems like everything is pretty clear from that point on, but for the whole first year I can’t recall much and it devastates me.

There isn’t anything I can do to change my memories of Monroe, but I am sure it won’t be the same this time around. I feel calm and confident, I am in control of parenting, the transition has honestly been amazing. Eli sleeps really well, all of my kids did/do, thank God! Eli is gaining weight, which is something we struggled with, with both Carter and Monroe. Most of all, the kids love him and he loves them. No one can calm Eli down like his big bro Roe. I am so excited for Eli to grow up and join in on the craziness.

If you have ever been told the more the merrier when it comes to kids and motherhood and you didn’t believe it, I’m telling you, believe it. I didn’t know motherhood could be even more amazing than it already was, but some how, this little 8 pound, 14 ounce nugget change our entire life for the better.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.


Jessica is a follower of Jesus, a wife, and a mommy. A family life expert who writes about her personal life, parenting adventures, and everything in-between.

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