Cheap Date Night Tips

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I have found that the hardest part of regular date night is the cost of it all. The babysitter alone can cost upwards for 40 dollars for just 4 hours and then add another 70 dollars on to that and you have just spent over 100 dollars to have some peace and quite with your hubs. And sure, you can probably swing that 100 bucks once a month, but is that really good enough? Is 12 nights a year all our marriages deserves? No, we all deserve much more than that so I am going to share with you my favorite cheap date night ideas.

5 Cheap Date Night Tips

Babysitting Swap – I have shared this tip with you before but it is so good I am going to quickly share it again. If you are like us, and you don’t have family available to babysit, find another family that is like you (without family around) and ask them to do a babysitting swap with you. You can go out on Friday nights and leave your kids with them and they can go out on Saturday nights and leave their kids with you. Easy and free, my two favorite words.


Groupon Coupons – Now, I know you have used Groupon Coupons before (because they are awesome), I have used them for a spa day or two (or five or six). I bet you haven’t considered using them for a date night though. Groupon offers coupons for all kinds of things including restaurants, local attractions, theater tickets, the sky is the limit. So go check out what they are offering in your area and start planning your date night.

Eat at Home – Chances are, you are going to end up cooking something for the kids before you leave the house anyway so just try this. Eat dinner at home and then go out after for coffee or dessert. If you do have to hire a babysitter, this will also shorten the length of your date, so that will be good when it comes to paying your babysitter. Now you just turned your 100 dollar date night into 20 bucks for the babysitter and 10 bucks for 2 ice cream comes. And oh yeah, don’t forget to check Groupon Coupons for a deal at a local cafe or ice cream shop.


Pack a PicnicPicnics don’t have to be just for lunch. Pack up an easily transportable meal, pick a nice place to park your car or lay out a blanket and feast. This will probably only work in the summer when the weather is warm and the sun sets late, but it will be very fun and romantic. Pair this idea with a babysitting swap and it will easily be the cheapest option.

Season Passes – Do you have season passes to a local amusement park, a zoo, or a museum? Use them on your date night! When the hubs and I take the kids to Wonderland, we aren’t ever able to ride the big roller coasters. One night, this year, we are leaving the kids behind and going to ride them all. That sounds like the perfect date night to me. If you don’t have season passes, check Groupon Coupons for a deal at your local theme park, museum, or zoo.

Bonus Idea – Go on a weekend getaway with your love! Check out what Travelocity has available on Groupon and start planing your getaway today.


Now, go get your date night on! And, don’t forget to check out my previous marriage advice post.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.


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