Visiting the Toronto Zoo

Its been snowing for the last three days and my happiness scale defiantly falls with the temperature. Its just so hard to be excited about life when it takes 20 minutes to pack up all the cold weather gear every time we want to leave the house, when your breath gets knocked out of you as you step outside, and when all you want to do is thrown on flip flops instead of snow boots. But… this last weekend we did have an amazing day as far as winter weather is concerned so we took full advantage and headed to the Toronto Zoo.




This past Christmas, I took the advice plastered all over multiple parenting blogs that “experiences” are better then presents and asked my dad for passes to the Toronto Zoo instead of gifts. I am so glad we did. I don’t think my kids are quite old enough to really appreciate experiences over gifts, but my husband and I certainly are so in stead of sending my parents an amazon wish list of stuff we don’t really need, I landed on asking for an “experience” and it was a good choice.





The Toronto Zoo is very similar to the San Diego Zoo, a lot of greenery, a lot of walking, not the best for close ups with the animals but probably better for the animals then the steel cages at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. I happen to really like Brookfield Zoo because you get to see every animal every time, but animal rights and whatever… Anyway, we had a really great time walking around and enjoying the beautiful weather.




I see many trip to the Toronto Zoo in our future and we can’t wait to see what the place has to offer in the summer. Let me know if you are a GTA local and would like to plan a zoo playdate. We would love that!

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.



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