Top Gear New Dads Need At Home

Top Gear New Dads Need At Home

If you are a future dad, the day will come when your pregnant lady will ask your opinion regarding baby things. Before me, you would have been forced to make a fool of yourself by sitting there with a dumb look on your face, but now you can totally blow her away with your impressive baby gear knowledge. I will even let you take the credit, no need to tell her I told you what to buy.

Top Gear New Dads Need at Home Kiddos

I am a working dad with a wife who is a stay at home mom. I was fortunate that my wife, Jessica, had a lot of experience as a nanny and was able to figure out on the job what baby care products were great and what baby care products suck. She has good taste and she wanted some items that cost a bit more than average but I now know they were well worth the investment. Like a typical man having his first kid, when she asked for my suggestions, I just said, “yeah, get whatever.”

Top Gear New Dads Need at Home Rusty and son

After getting some experience under my belt, as a veteran dad with two kids, I know how important it is to get the right stuff. Over the years, I have been asked by a couple of my friends who have expecting ladies in their lives to share my knowledge, so here it is. I will share the top gear new dads need at home. This one’s for your future.

Top Gear New Dads Need at Home Rusty and daughter

The Diaper Genie

Lets face it, changing baby diapers suck, for those that have not done it yet, spoiler alert – it will suck. What sucks more than changing the diapers, is having those dirty diapers stinking up the joint. I could not have made it without the Diaper Genie, unless I wanted to take every single diaper out to the street. I don’t even know what people did before the Diaper Genie was created. This thing is a magical container that holds the dirty diapers, keeps the smell contained and makes it easy to take them all out at once. I recommend the model with the foot pedal. When you have no spare hands to lift a lid, the foot pedal is clutch. If you really want to level up, get two Diaper Genies and put them in different locations in your house!! The Diaper Genie is definitely high on the list of Top Gear New Dads Need at home.

Learn more about the Diaper Genie


The swing is the ultimate calmer of the babies. Babies cry when they are hungry, have a dirty diaper, or just to drive you mad. Whenever my babies would cry, I would put them in the swing. Notch the speed up, turn the sound on and my problems were solved. It’s a sure thing, put them inside the swing and it knocks them out COLD. The swing has multiple speeds, various configurations, little moving animals and sound options. If you really want to dominate watching the baby, put the swing below your flat screen TV and watch some sports.

More info about the a Swing we have


The bouncer works the same magic as the swing with equal knock out power. The advantage of having the bouncer is when you need to move it around the house. I remember when Jessica needed to take a shower, she would just place our baby in it right outside the shower. Other times, I would set it up near my desk and work away.

Details for the Bouncer


One of my favorite gifts to give new parents is a bumbo. It is an odd looking thing, when I saw it for the first time I was thinking, “what the heck is this thing for.” Its main use is to help teach babies to sit up. After years of using it, I found other uses and it has become one of my favorites. I would sit the kids in it and trim their finger nails, feed them, and have them sit with me as I used the bathroom. Most times, the kids would sit on my desk as I worked, sometimes falling asleep. Now that my kids are bigger, the bumbo is still a favorite because they can sit in it and get stuck.

Learn about the Bumbo

Velcro Swaddle

I used to take pride in my ability to swaddle the kids. My second baby was like the great Houdini, no matter how tight or well I did the swaddle, he would manage to get an arm out of it. Once free from the grips of the swaddle, he would cry and wake me up in the middle of the night. Then I upgraded my swaddle game to a velcro swaddle. I was actually pumped when this thing arrived, it was like I finally got the trump card to defeat my infant child. I wish I had this from the very beginning, it’s really easy to use and requires no training. Every future dad should put one on the wish list.

Get a Velcro Swaddle Here

Get ahead of the game and research some of gear that I listed.  This will give you a great start on winning dad of the year from your wifey and you could even earn a few extra special nights!!

Stay tuned for my Top Gear New Dads Need on the GO…


Rusty Glaze

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  1. Hey Rusty, I was one of the guys who was with you on the plane leaving Orlando just after cup. I wanted to come up and congratulate you on the win but also say that the blog post here was great. It’s cool seeing the normal side of the professionals that I have looked up to while growing up in the sport.

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