Sleeping Sound Thanks to Owlet Baby Care

My middle child, Monroe, was born with a severe tongue tie, it was actually so severe that he couldn’t swallow. For the first week of his life, we had no idea that his entire tongue was attached to the bottom of his mouth (behind his bottom gums), but over and over again he would choke and sometimes even turn blue. Rusty or I or a nurse would have to suction his airway to get things cleared out. It was the scariest time for me as a parent.

What was even more frustrating is that the doctor would check Monroe’s airway and say that it was fine and that everything was normal, but we knew it wasn’t. Rusty and I were so scared to leave Monroe unattended, for even a second, that we took shifts sleeping. Thank God we did, because sure enough, we had to stop him from choking multiple times a night by suctioning his airway. I was at such a loss until we took him to a lactation consultant for his low weight gain issue and she finally pointed out his tongue tie to us.

I wish I could say that everything was better from that point, but its been a rocky road for my “love of life.” (That is what we call each other. <3) Between asthma attacks, pneumonia, and a chronic cough, there have been many sleepless nights for me, wondering if its even safe to fall asleep.  That is why, when someone from Owlet contacted me about reviewing their new Smart Sock 2, which tracks heart rate and oxygen, I was more than excited. I only wish I had this device sooner so that I could have used it with Monroe. Even still, I am so thankful to have peace of mind, this time around, with Eli.

The Owlet is so simple to use and it provides a peace of mind that all moms and dads of infants need. Before we put Eli to bed, we put the smart sock on his cute little foot and put his jammies right over it, then we turn on the base unit, its that simple. I can sleep soundly knowing that if Eli’s oxygen level or heart rate falls below a preset level, the Owlet will notify me.

The Owlet works by using the same technology that doctors have used for decades to track oxygen levels of patents. The smart sock connects wirelessly to a base that makes a sound if Eli’s oxygen level or heart rate falls below the preset levels. The smart sock is also connected to my phone through the Owlet app that is available for iPhones. The app is not necessary, so if you do not have an iPhone, you can still use the Owlet on your baby. The Owlet also comes with three smart sock size options, up to 18 months, so you can be sure it will fit properly as your little one grows.

I would give anything to go back in time and have the Owlet for Monroe, but all I can do now is be so thankful we have the Owlet for Eli. There are few things better than knowing your child’s wellbeing as they sleep. You can purchase the Owlet or learn more about this amazing product at

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.


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