The Growing Glaze Brigade + Pink Blush Maternity Review

*I was provided with product for this review but all opinions are 100% my own.

I’m sure most of you know by now, but in case you don’t, our family is growing! We are all so excited and we are already pretty impatient, waiting for March to roll around. Hopefully, the excitement and all of the prepping we have to do for baby, will keep our minds off of the long, cold, Canadian winter. It’s only fall and already spring can’t get here soon enough.

pink blush maternity

For those of you that don’t know me personally, our plan has always been to have two littles ones, take a break, and then have two more. I have been so blessed to have ample one on one time with both of my kids (with Carter before Roe was born and with Roe after Carter started school) and the plan is to have that again with the next two. Of course, all of this is God willing and completely in God’s hands but so far, our little plan has worked out.

pink blush maternity

I think the person in our house who is most excited about the baby has to be Monroe. He is constantly asking if he can “pet” the baby, which means rubbing my belly. The other night, he fell asleep laying on my tummy, snuggling the baby. I wasn’t sure if he would even be old enough to understand what exactly was going on, but he asks me all types of complicated questions about pregnancy and is always loving on the baby so I know Monroe for sure understands and is completely over the moon about it all.

pink blush maternity

Now, Carter on the other hand, she is as indifferent about my pregnancy as she is about everything else in life. She couldn’t be more level headed when it comes to emotions. Just imagine someone that says sure to every question asked and you have Carter. “Carter, do you want to go to school?” “Sure.” “Carter, do you want to stay home from school today?” “Sure” Haha, no real excitement or disappointment coming from that girl, ever.

pink blush maternity

What Carter is excited about though is the medical side of my pregnancy. She loves going to my midwife appointments, she loves to watch the the midwife draw blood and do other diagnostic tests. She always has a million questions for my midwife about her tools and about other things in her office. Right now Carter’s “what do you want to be when you grow up?” answer is, of course, either a doctor or a paramedic. We have always said she is a math and science girl and she proves us more and more right every day.

pink blush maternity

As far as I go, I love being pregnant. I have best husband that totally steps up when I’m feeling crappy, gets me a late night snack when the baby 😉 is starving, and is always willing to give me a break and take the kids to do something fun. I love to feel the baby kicking around and I love soaking up the miracle that is going inside of me. On top of that, I feel so much more comfortable with my body when I’m pregnant and lets not forget about maternity fashion, cute and comfortable.

pink blush maternity

My favorite maternity brand at the moment is Pink Blush. They are especially great right now because my tummy isn’t huge yet but Pink Blush makes clothes that fit at all stages of pregnancy, including postpartum and even for when you get your pre-pregnancy body back. I really love the versatility of their pieces without lacking in style points. If you are looking for maternity fashion or not, you can check out their website at

pink blush maternity

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