Getting Ready for Baby Number 3 with BuyBuy Baby Canada

Well friends, the baby is almost here and I am so unprepared this time around.

Of course, with baby number one, I was ready 2 months before my due date. I mean, not only did I have a baby shower for Carter, but I’m sure I bought diapers the second I had a positive pregnancy test. First time moms can be a little over excited, am I right?

I actually think its the second time moms that get it right. I bought diapers somewhere around the 8th month and packed my hospital bag two weeks before my due date. I think its because you don’t really have your hands full yet and you are granted with the wisdom to know what is and isn’t important when it comes to baby prep.

You know who is the worst though? Third time moms. I actually might have to pick up a pack of diapers and wipes on the way to the hospital because at this very moment my water could break and I don’t have any. I actually still have to pack a hospital bag for my hub and myself and over night bags for my kids and here in Canada, I have to bring a whole lot more with me to the hospital because I hear a lot less is provided for you there. I did actually manage to wash a few white onesies this weekend, so thats good news, the baby won’t have to come home naked.

It doesn’t matter if you are an over excited first time mom or a super lazy third time mom, buybuy Baby can help you get ready for the pending arrival of your new little babe. They have everything! One stop shopping for all of your preparation needs plus an expert staff to help you decided with is important for you and what isn’t a total necessity.


I had the chance to visit our local buybuy Baby this past weekend and I had the best time getting to know the staff, the lay out of the store, the reason behind their amazing inventory and selection, and the amazing personal shopping services they offer. buybuy Baby is new in Canada and we are lucky enough to have 1 of their 5 Canadian stores only a few minutes from our house. So please, let me tell you why I love buybuy Baby Canada…

4 Reasons Why I Love Buy Buy Baby Canada

1. The inventory is amazing!

Unlike a lot of Canadian versions of American based big box retail stores, their inventory isn’t lacking. If you want it, they almost definitely have it in store and its probably even on display for you to check out before you make you make your purchase.


While I was there, the personal shopper that I walked around with explained to me that they only stock the most in demand items and colors in their store. You aren’t ever going to go there and be disappointed because they carry the car seat you want, but in the worst color options. Because everything they stock is so on trend, I got the feeling that I was in a baby boutique instead of a major retailer, but with an over abundance in selection and product availability.

Finally, unlike shopping at Walmart or Toys R Us, which of course has to share their store space with non baby items, buybuy Baby is a giant store filled with wall to wall baby products. This means you won’t be stuck driving around to other stores looking for what you need and if you have other children, you know how tedious multiple stops can be when shopping.



2. The staff is extremely knowledgeable!

If you have questions, they have answers. It can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned mom to pick out a proper car seat or pacifiers, but not at buybuy Baby. They have a product expert in each sections of the store that is there to answer every question you might have about strollers to laundry detergent.


3. The 20% coupon is the bomb!

I’m pretty sure anyone that has heard of buybuy Baby or Bed Bath and Beyond are aware of the 20% coupon available monthly to customers who sign up to receive this coupon via traditional mail. I was unsure if this coupon was available in Canada, like it is in the US, and I was very please to find out that it is available! And, just like in the US, you can also use a the Bed Bath and Beyond coupon at buybuy Baby, they don’t discriminate. Do you know how much of a savings 20% is on some of the big ticket baby items you need? You can sign up for this coupon in store at checkout.



4. The gift registry is awesome!

You know the export staff that I mentioned? Well, they can help tailor your registry specifically to your needs. How awesome is that? Instead of walking around and registering for everything you see, regardless of necessity, someone from buybuy Baby will walk around with you, ask you questions about your lifestyle and parenting style and guide you towards items that you will actually use and need. And, if after the baby comes you decide that you have something unnecessary, you have 365 days to return any unopened products. How awesome is that return policy?



One last side note… At this time, buybuy Baby Canada shares their website with Bed Bath and Beyond Canada, so please visit for any of your online needs. They offer free shipping on orders over 49.00.

So, moral of the story? You should try and be a more prepared third time mom than me and you should defiantly check out buybuy Baby Canada! 


Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!



Jessica is a follower of Jesus, a wife, and a mommy. A family life expert who writes about her personal life, parenting adventures, and everything in-between.

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