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Essential oils are a major part of our daily life in the Glaze house. My son Monroe suffered from chronic bronchiolitis and poor weight gain for a year until I started using peppermint and frankincense essential oils on him regularly. Since the breakthrough with my son’s health, we have incorporated oils into every part of our life from teeth whitening to acne to fighting off athletes foot. There is basically an oil for everything.

If you are on social media at all but especially Pinterest, you have seen some type of recipe that includes the use of essential oils, but it could be confusing to get started. Confusing and also expensive! To top it off, there is always a fight going on about which oil brand is the best. Well, I have done my research and I have decided that everyone needs to use Young Living Essential Oils.

With Young Living, you can be sure that you are getting top quality oils but you can also purchase an awesome starter kit that gives you 11 bottles of basic and necessary oils, a diffuser, and a bunch of cool samples.


It may make you hesitant to sign up for an oil program instead of going to your local health food store but don’t be hesitant. At a health food store, you cannot be sure of the quality of the oils you are purchasing. Many store bought oils are not safe to ingest and can be made with fillers and synthetics. Yuck! That is not the case with Young Living. Also, you cannot get a starter kit at a health food store, and buying each of these oils plus a diffuser individually, will definitely break the bank. Finally, there is NO commitment or pressure to sell Young Living essential oils. You meet your first years requirement (50.00) for a wholesale membership with the purchase of your starter kit. If the next year rolls around and you decide oils aren’t your thing, no big deal. Your membership is deactivated and that is it. There is no fee and no penalty. But, I know oils will be change your life and spending 50.00 a year on them will be no problem at all.
On top of everything else, I am personally here to answer your questions or help you get the information you need. Even after you have your oils, using them can get confusing and no one at the health food store is going to spend time helping you use them but I will!
So are you ready to enroll in a wholesale membership? Are you ready to starting having some fun with your new starter kit? Just click the “sign up now” link below and be sure to select the PREMIUM STARTER KIT during sign up.


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