Carter’s Birthday + Legoland Discovery Center Review

Unfortunately, for my little Carter girl, her third birthday rolled around just two months after we moved to Toronto. This means we had very few friends to spend the occasion with, very little money (because moving is expensive), and I had no idea how to throw a birthday party in the dead of winter. So, I did the best I could, threw together a dinner with the few people we knew in town, family that was visiting and that was about it. She had fun but I felt bad that I couldn’t do better for her especially after such a major disruption to her normal. 


Needless to say, I decided I wanted to do better this year and I think I managed. A few weeks before Carter’s fourth birthday, I asked my darling daughter what she wanted to do for her special day, and true to who is she (not the girlies of girls) she quickly said, “LEGOLAND,” so Legoland it was.


Some of you are familiar with Legoland California, we lived only a couple miles from it back in San Diego, but this is different. In Toronto, we actually have a Legoland Discovery Center and it is indoor. Thank goodness it is indoor because who wants to play with legos in the snow?


Anyway, the Legoland Discovery Center is in the Vaughan Mills Shopping Center just down the street from our neighborhood. It is basically a giant room filled with a bunch of different attractions for kids ages 3-10. They have a play structure, a couple of Lego pits, 2 rides, a Lego car race track, a 4-D movie theater, Lego Mini-land, and they even have a cafe with a pretty good lunch deal.




So here is my opinion of Legoland….We had a great time. My kids, age two & four, especially loved it but my brothers age nine & eleven enjoyed it too. The kids meal deal was only 5 bucks and included a sandwich, a drink, and two snacks of the child’s choice. That is a pretty good deal if you ask me. There was a lot to do considering it is a smaller indoor venue. Everything was clean and well kept and that is always a plus.




I have to be honest though, we went on a really busy day and it was hard to really enjoy everything they had to offer. We did have to wait quite a while to get onto the two rides and there just wasn’t a lot of space to move around. Thankfully, we did have the opportunity to go back for a second visit and this time there were far less people and we had a lot more fun.


Overall, I would say it was a great place to celebrate Carter girl’s birthday. She is the perfect age to enjoy Legoland Discovery Center and there was a lot for her to do. Plus, who doesn’t like a good deal on food? I would suggest calling ahead to make sure it isn’t one of their busier days and if you can, visit in the middle of the week. You will have more fun if it isn’t busy.


In the end, I am so thankful I was able to make up for last years lackluster party and give my girl a birthday party she will always remember.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.




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