Bath Time Woes + Wash With Water Product Review

A few weeks back, on Instagram, I was asked to share something that keeps me from perfectly fitting into the mom mold. You wanna know my answer? I don’t like coffee! Yes, I said it, I don’t like coffee. I never have, not any kind, not even a pumpkin spice mocha choca frappe latte blended with whipped cream and splenda. I’ve tried it all, I just can’t get down with coffee. But that, of course, isn’t the only thing that keeps me from being a real mom, I also don’t like bath time! (insert horrified emoji here) That’s right, I think bath time is so super annoying and I don’t like it.

Wash With Water Bubbles

Wash With Water Pour

I have shared this with a few other moms and they have suggested that it’s because I don’t do it right. Apparently, what I need to do is pour myself a giant glass of wine and bring a good book along and use it as my “me time,” but the problem there is that reading and wine in the bathroom is the last way I want to spend my “me time.” Maybe, if I could drag the couch and the T.V. in to bathroom with me? Oh, and maybe if I could have two tubs so the kids don’t have to interact with each other, screaming because one poured water on the other ones head? Maybe, if bath time looked more like me in the bath and the kids sitting by the side quietly sipping down milk and reading books? Who knows. All I know is, as it stands, I don’t like bath time.

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The worst part about not liking bath time is that it means my kids don’t get many baths. (insert another horrified emoji here) No, I do not bathe my kids every night. They are lucky to get baths twice a week. Yes, I am admitting, my kids only get baths twice a week, but before you judge me too harshly on this fact, I have to tell you it’s half because I hate doing it, but half because their skin is just so sensitive and baths too often are just too harsh for them.


Wash With Water Bath Time

Carter has always struggled with eczema, so we had to be very strict with what would actually touch her skin and for a long time it was nothing but this oil bath stuff or essential oils. Now she is able to use a few more options, but even still, we are very choosey with what we put on her skin. Enter, Wash With Water.

Wash With Water

Wash With Water Soap

Wash With Water Skin Lotion

Wash With Water Shampoo and Body Wash

Wash With Water Kit

We are loving Wash With Water, right now. It is free of synthetic colors, some products in their line are fragrance free, which is super important to me, other products in their line are organic. All of their products are always free of petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates, parabens, which if you are a health nut like me, you know that is the most important thing to look for when shopping for baby/child bath products.


Wash With Water Bath Fun

So as much as I dislike bath time, I do enjoy when I can find someone or something that can make it just a little less annoying for me. Now, if only they made a couch that could fold up and be carried into my bathroom… Here’s to dreaming.

Wash With Water Essentials

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  1. What a gift God has given you for writing , you have an amazing gift for putting your thoughts into words for all to enjoy. Keep writing girl.

  2. Oh girl, you are not alone with the bath time issue! My husband has bathed our son since he was born, but now with his busy schedule and my aversion to bath time Finn usually only gets 2 baths a week… When dad can be home to do it! Ha!

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